Quick Preview

Quickly view details of duplicate files before deciding to remove them

  • View path of each file
  • View thumbnail image of each file
  • View dimensions of each image
  • View duration and bitrate of each audio and video file

Selection Assistant

Use selection assistant to quickly select duplicates to remove

  • Select larger or smaller files
  • Select older or newer files
  • Select files with longer or shorter names

Advanced Comparison Tools

Use different comparison methods to find duplicates

  • Find duplicates with same name, similar names and/or same extension
  • Find duplicates with same size, tolerance can be specified as well
  • Find duplicates with same date/time or same date only, tolerance can be specified as well
  • Find duplicates that are in the same folder or having the same folder name
  • Find duplicates with same content, the hash algorithm to compare files can be specified as well

Advanced Filters

Filter result by their name, extension, size and modified date/time

  • Filter by name or extension (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos)
  • Filter (include or exclude) by wildcard
  • Filter by minimum and/or maximum size
  • Filter zero size files
  • Filter by minimum and/or maximum modified date

Scanning Multiple Locations

Search multiple locations in a single scan process

  • Select one or more library folders (Music, Pictures or Videos)
  • Select other locations by browsing your device
  • Select individual files
  • Select from recently accessed folders


View detailed report of the process

  • View summary
  • View list of removed files